Sachin A Billion Dreams – Movie Review

Review for the movie Sachin a Billion Dreams


Its the film we all have been waiting for, and here it played out in the smallest theater in the town. Missed my morning show and somehow got tickets for the next show.

Here is the review!


As expected it is a biopic and people were cheering! The first shot shown was pretty epic that of a drawing of the back of Sachin Tendulkar with the number “10” on his back. To simply put, its a movie for the Sachin fans like me who do not want any drama to be played out but to have a sincere biopic like this. It took me back in time, as my life was pretty much connected to the events happened in the movie.

Its a good watch, especially for those who lived their youth in the era of Sachin. The background score by A.R.Rahman was apt and timely and to hear the Sachin chant in a movie theater was heartfilling.

I dont want to give out much, I believe its a movie to be watched without checking any reviews! Its Sachin, and we do anything for him.

Note: Go with friends who share the same enthusiasm for Sachin and cricket of those times. I had two kids sitting next to me checking their mobile phones..huh!

My Rating: 7/10

My Rating Meter:

Very Bad – 0-3

Bad          – 4

Average – 5

Enjoyable – 6

Good movie – 7-8

Amazing movie – 9

Must watch movie – 10


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