Spiderman Homecoming – Non-Spoiler Review

Just back from the movie and here is my review. First of all we got to compare the movie with the old flicks right? Before that I need to say that I never read the comics but watched a few cartoons when I was a kid. So, for me the spiderman I saw on the big screen was my first full experience which featured Tobey Maguire, which I liked. For me the origin story shown in that first film will always be a favorite.

So, lets get into ‘homecoming’ without spoiling anything. Like any Marvel movie this one is fun and I think that they got a good villain here. The biggest complaint for marvel movies were a proper badass villain, and I dont want to say that they solved the issue, still “vulture” was bad enough.

We are getting what we saw in the trailers. There are no big surprises but totally enjoyable (for me spiderman movies are always enjoyable). Thankfully, there is not too much Ironman too.

To be honest, i must say that in the DC vs Marvel situation I am slightly leaning towards the DC side now as the marvel movies are all following the same pattern. This doesnt mean that Spiderman Homecoming is not up to the expectations, but means that Marvel should get more creative with their future movies.

To sum it up, good movie for everyone. Grab a popcorn and enjoy the ride!

My Rating: 7/10