Wonder Woman – Movie Review (Non-Spoiler)


I know this is a bit late, and better late than never!

Lets jump right into the DC saver movie. “Wonder Woman” directed by “Patty Jenkins” is an American superhero film base on the DC character with the same name. The main character was played by the beautiful Gal Gadot and she is stunning!

I just want to state that I am someone who never read any Wonder Woman comics, but yea, we as Indians mostly know Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. The movie was released in India on June 2nd, 2017 and I was able to get a ticket for the same day, even if I was not at my hometown at that time.

The movie starts out with a scene related to the BvS movie, and then quickly leads us into the beautiful Themyscira, were we get to see the Amazonian Warriors, their battle practices and the childhood of Diana aka Wonder Woman. The movie is an origin story for the DC character Diana/Wonder Woman, which starts out at Themyscira then soon moves on to World War I.

Without giving too much out of the movie, let me just say that it is one of the best DC movies and for me, just behind the Batman triology movies (I know that you all will say WW is better than those, its just a personal choice). I read some reviews saying this movie to be better than “The Dark Knight”, but for me this comes to a second place in the DC universe. The movie is light, and it gets its shades of darkness when it comes to the World War scenario.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is amazing and I have never seen a majestically beautiful woman than she is. Everything she does it amazing, from her smile to holding a tank over her head!

The movie was able to give out a message too without forcing the message too much onto the viewers mind.

We have to give credit to Chris Pine also, who played the role of Steve Trevor. He was impressive and he never tried to make himself look formidable than that of the main character played by  Gal Gadot.

Overall it is an impressive movie, a must watch for all DC movie fans, for all those who love super hero movies, and for all those who just want to watch a good movie worth their money.

The movie have a lot of World War scenes, but not too bloody as we see in other war movies, so I can say that it is enjoyable with kids too (who will definitely love this super heroin)

Go and watch!


My Rating: 8/10

My Rating Meter:

Very Bad – 0-3

Bad          – 4

Average – 5

Enjoyable – 6

Good movie – 7-8

Amazing movie – 9






Must watch movie – 10